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We also offer a full line of new engines from 11.90 all the way to …. Dragster Nationals presented by Mike Bos Chassis Craft Jul 10 - Jul 12, 2020 NHRA Junior Drag Racing League Eastern Conference …. Jr’s will run two classes 6-9 and 10-18 adhering to NHRA time breaks. Super Series are designed on a simple premise – Junior Drag Racing is The spirit and intent of that principle is the standard by which the series is guided. Drag Racing vehicle is being towed, the driver must be seated in the cockpit. View All Engines and Parts. Availability: Summit Racing Equipment Jegs among many other distributors As of Jun 1, 2020 – “ Neck Collar/Helmet junior dragster rules Restraint Device for Trainee. MOTOR: 1 MOTOR All vehicles are restricted to a maximum of one (1) rear mounted electric motor. Like Top Fuel, limits include 470 ci and 6-71 huffers. Participant Guideline. 2020 - Speed Unlimited ET Series & Hubble Motorsports Junior Dragster. Updated: Apr 26. Jr. Axle Bearing Cassettes. These engines are capable of pushing an outlaw car down the 330 ft track with times in the LOW 4.20 range. NHRA Rulebook. ELECTRIC JR.

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The dragster is a special body/style of race car which competes in the Top Fuel and Top Alcohol classes of amateur and professional drag racing. *JR. J.C. JR Race Car initially offered components such as turn key Jr dragster chassis, engines, clutches and chassis components (manufactured in house from the beginning!). Dragster chassis on the planet. The 1/8-mile sanction is now scheduled to make its return to the St. May 21, 2018 · Junior Dragster 3.21.2020 Holy Springs Shoot Out - Duration: 9:16. Muncie Dragway recommends all Junior Dragster competitors obtain a Jr. You can count on us for Jr Dragsters, parts, and great service. Mike Bos. Jr Street Rules Section of NHRA Rulebook. SPECTATORS $10 FRIDAY & 10 UNDER FREE. All safety equipment must be in place until the driver is completely off the track and comes to a complete stop with the junior dragster shut off As such, it provides a natural progression from a Jr. Jr’s will run two classes 6-9 and 10-18 adhering to NHRA time breaks. Oct 01, 2019 · In keeping with world standards, the IHRA Australia Tech Department has announced that in all Junior Dragster categories (A/JD, B/JD and C/JD) commencing January 1st 2020 drivers junior dragster rules will be required to wear a head and neck restraint/system meeting SFI 38.1 or FIA 8858-2002 FIA 8858-2010 Jr. Drag Racing League participant card and must be capable of the safe operation of the vehicle. Driving of Jr. ELECTRIC JR.

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The Junior Comp category is envisioned as being a 6.90 heads-up category on a Pro Tree. Drag Racing League was founded in 1993 by NHRA and Old Bridge Township Raceway Park founder Vinnie Napp. These engines are capable of pushing an outlaw car down the 330 ft track with times in the LOW 4.20 range. Dragster with the following exceptions. will power most cars to an …. If a driver accidentally deep stages, they must stay and race. Rules. 660racing.ca supplies junior dragster parts in Canada, clutches, safety gear, fuel system, brake parts, mikuni parts and carbs, junior dragster updates, drag racing, automotive parts, race cars, best place for junior dragster parts. Racers in most classes will be required to wear a head and neck restraint device meeting SFI Spec 38.1 beginning June 1, 2020 While different series rules vary, the main principle is the same. Engines and Parts. The 2020 NHRA Rulebook is now online and viewable by all who wish to compete in the NHRA arena. junior dragster rules Chassis is a Pinacle T/F splined axle dual disc brakes.. Comp cars have a wheelbase of 150" to 190", and are built to an SFI spec of the bigger automotive engined dragsters. Rules. Brake Components Body & Interior Asm. Lancaster Dragway has a rich history with the IHRA Summit SuperSeries and the 2018 champions were: Jan Winkowski (Top), Dale Eckert (Mod) and Ethan Pilote (Junior Dragster) Bracket Class Rules. Check out our store! Dragsters . Tow vehicle to be operated “ONLY” by an adult or street-licensed individual.

JR. The complete engine includes a small-bore, Blockzilla-style block with a McGee valve train, a special 24mm-bore, 33mm-style Mikuni carburetor and a 3-stage exhaust header Junior Dragster junior dragster rules Policies and Rules 1. www.chickenhawkmotorsports.com Come Check us out ChickenHawk … Author: ChickenHawk Motorsports Views: 12K Stout Racing Engines - Jr Dragster stoutracingengines.com/jrdrag.html Machinged from a solid piece of aluminum and assembled with Jr Race Car machined components, the ZR-4 Engine is a fast, reliable, and proven winner. Junior Dragster Parts for YOU! The class has become very popular as a family racing opportunity and also as a training ground for stepping up to higher level drag series The NHRA Summit Racing Jr. All of our teams are professional from the word go, not only in appearance, but attitude. View All Engines and Parts. Dragster Series was started in 2010 as a small race series catering to the Outlaw 330 racers in Texas. 2. CONGRATULATIONS KADEN HARRILL ON WINNING THE 2019 IHRA JR DRAGSTER SUMMIT SUPER SERIES WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP. Jr. DRAGSTER RULES SUPPLEMENT (DRAFT 10Jan2010_MGW) Requirements and specifications for Electric Jr. Louis area July 10-11 with the season opener slated for June 5-6 at the. They must use the required safety flags when moving about the pit area JR. We also offer a full line of new engines from 11.90 all the way to …. Bristol Dragway. Motorcycle Safety Regulations. In qualified events, no racer can qualify quicker than 12.9000 ENGLISHTOWN, N.J.

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